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What is Pleather?

Introduced in the 1970's as a cheaper alternative to leather, PU or Pleather which is an abbreviation of the words plastic and leather allowed designers to produce cheaper versions of their leather jackets, Pleather in its original form was very plastic looking and though it proved very popular the difference between the imitation and the real skin was highly obvious. However in recent years Pleather has seen a huge resurgence, thankfully due to advances in technology designers can now produce realistic garments which in some cases are so good customers are unable to tell the difference between the leather and Pleather versions.

It is typically made from a Polyurethane film, which is a lighter and more flexible material than leather, it also has the advantage that it is generally much easier to clean, a simple wipe with a damp cloth will clean the garment. This simple care routine ensures a long life for pleather jackets making them nearly as durable as their leather counterparts.

Another advantage of pleather is that it is vegan/vegetarian friendly, for the non meat eaters of the world this meant that they can wear something trendy without compromising their beliefs on using products made from animals. Peta have been fully supportive of the fabric and a number of celebrity endosrsements have taken place praising the faux leather. Recently Jenna Jameson ran a campaign for Peta focusing on exactly that, it was titled "Pleather Yourself" this included pictures of her scantly clad wearing the fabric which she had fashioned into a bikini.