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The Evolution of Doctor Lab Coats

Lab coats are a necessary piece of clothing for doctors and other medical professionals while they perform their daily duties. They offer protection from harmful substances by shielding skin and clothing from them, and also denote the status of the professional to patients and other staff members.

Style As Well As Function

The clothing world offers us a lot of variety and much of the time it is all done for us. For instance, we don't usually think about whether there is a difference between lab coats for different genders. This obviously doesn't affect you, unless you are required to wear one for your line of work on a daily basis. It may not be that obvious, but if you are a doctor, a specialist, or someone who works in a lab, then a professional and polished appearance is a must.

Recently lab coats for both sexes have been developed into a thriving industry. There are specific needs for both men and women when it comes to coats like these and this doesn't just apply to those working the medical field. You will find receptionists, surgeons, doctors and nurses all wearing uniforms that have been made specifically for their particular tasks. If you are in a uniform all day, the most important thing is comfort and this is what the main focus is.

It is not only the design, but it is also the theme that has been altered. If you take a look at nurses lately, you may see them sporting a pattern of cats on their scrubs. Men will probably choose something a bit plainer. Obviously the budget comes into everything and here you can set your budget according to the quality you are after. You can get material which is a lot cheaper and therefore pay less.

Outside of the office, a doctor will visit his or her patients in a lab coat, which is fairly similar in color, although a doctor can also choose his or her own. In the office, doctors will usually take their coats off and spend time in their slacks and a dress shirt.


In addition to offering lab coats designed specifically for men or women, designers offer a host of other features to choose from including basic design, coat length, pocket capacity, color, and materials. As it is with any type of clothing, the cost of a good lab coat will vary quite a bit depending on the materials used and the overall quality of the coat. A basic, no frills lab coat will run you about $30, but will wear thin and lose its shape rather quickly, perhaps lasting no more than a couple months.

A high end coat that is well designed from stain and chemical resistant fabric, on the other hand, may cost around a couple hundred dollars. Since doctors spend a minimum of 40 hours per week on the job, and don their coats for many of those hours, it only makes sense for them to invest in quality products so they're not constantly in need of replacements.