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Successful Teleclasses - The Benefits For Service Professionals

Running a teleseminar or teleclass series has many benefits for the small service professional. The time-stretched coach or consultant can find growing their business a real challenge when they are continually exchanging time for money with single clients. Dedicating a proportion of their working hours to creating and producing teleseminars and teleclass programmes can benefit them greatly.

Teleclasses Leverage your Time - For small business owners, coaches and solopreneurs who often work one on one with a client, running a teleclass suddenly enables you to coach, mentor and teach greater numbers of your target market.

Teleclasses Make you More Accessible - Participants benefit from paying a lower fee to work with you in a group and so you become affordable to a wider range of people. You of course also benefit by being paid many times over for an hour or so of your time

Teleclasses Build Platform - Speaking positions you as an expert and thought leader. It gives you a public profile that you don't get from working with individual clients. Running a teleclass gives you an opportunity to share your experience and niche knowledge with groups and so get your name out there in the public domain.

Teleclasses Become Products to Sell - You can create your teleclasses in such a way that they can be transformed into products you can sell over and over again. Recording a call with your listeners muted means you can share high quality content without breaching confidentiality; recordings can then be packaged up and sold as digital products at almost zero cost to you.

Teleclasses Become Free Bonus Products - As an alternative to paid products, you might also use teleclass recordings as bonus products whether for your own clients or to offer to other professionals. Allowing them to be used as bonuses for other professionals' products gets your name and knowledge into a much larger pool and increases your client reservoir dramatically.

Running a successful teleseminar does of course require planning, preparation and presentation skills but invest some time in these areas and you will soon see your business expand and become more profitable.