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Retail Therapy in The Age of The Economic Crisis?

Retail TherapyTraditionally, treating ourselves to some new clothes, or a new pair of shoes, has been a great way to cheer oneself up. There is nothing quite like casting your eye over the latest and greatest of this seasons range of designer gear, and picking out something stunning to put a smile back on your face, and help you to forget your worries.

Although some may feel that making yourself feel better by shopping may be a little flippant, it is possible that shopping, 'hunting down' the best clothing for the best price, fulfills some sort of 'primal instinct', deep inside, returning us subconsciously to the days of being a 'hunter gatherer', giving us the same kind of satisfaction that catching our prey, or finding a source of fresh berries used to.

This 'return to our nature' is perhaps why we feel so fulfilled after managing to find the perfect item of clothing, the 'hunter gatherer' that is perhaps present deep down in all of us feel a sense of emotional satisfaction.

The trouble is though, when one of most people's largest worries is their finances, is 'shopping yourself happy' still a viable form of therapy?

Shopping Online - Less Cost, Same Satisfaction?

If shopping really does satisfy our basic hunter gatherer instincts, then could tracking down bargains online serve the same purpose?

If it could, then this may well be an excellent way to reach the same level of satisfaction, keep your wardrobe well stocked in fashionable items, and avoid putting too much of a dent in your wallet.

By shopping at a leading online fashion store, you are usually able to find the same great designer clothes that you can in the high street stores, at seriously marked down prices. This is in part due to the savings the online stores have by avoiding the expenses of a high street frontage being passed on to their customers.

It is important however, to ensure that you are shopping at a reputable online outlet. Look for signs of an established website - a customer support hotline, clearly defined delivery details, and a privacy policy, to name but a few.

Once you have found your online store, it is also good to check that they have a decent returns policy, as this way you don't have to worry about not being able to try an item on before buying it. That said, it wouldn't be the first time someone tried a designer item on at a high street store, decide they like it, then returned home to pop online and order it at a greatly reduced price, safe in the knowledge that if they then changed their minds, they could return it to the website and pick another item.