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Reebok Cross Trainers - Get Rid of Those Calories Fast

The first elliptical trainer was patented in 2004. There are three different types. Each has a different drive system. The center drive is the latest technology. The Reebok Cross trainer is designed to work the users upper and lower body the cross trainer are considered to be minimal impact, and provide cardiovascular workouts rather than build muscle. Each machine can be adjusted to change the burdens on various muscle groups. Reebok elliptical cross trainers provide a highly effective, non-impact way to work out, burning more calories than running, power walking or weight training. They offer an excellence selection of stylishly made machines, geared for performance, with a wide range of programs to choose from. Five models available are listed below along with some of their individual characteristics.

o Reebok RE13103 offers a backlight training computer, memory enough to store 7 training programs and 9 user profiles along with target programs for time, and distance, along with many other features.

o Reebok RE14211BL, is mainly powered by resistance via the included 6v adapter and comes in a couple of versions, I-Train Blue and I-Train Orange. It has memory enough for 4 programs and many of the same console features as the model above.

o Reebok Premier+ Elliptical Cross trainer has a blue backlit LCD console that displays distance, calories, random x 50 variations, interval x 8 levels and endurance

The Reebok elliptical trainer offers ranges of features not offered by most other companies. All of Reeboks models off a low-impact total body workout, a smooth, quiet machine, perfect for home or office use. Whatever you fitness level you can find a realistic way to challenge yourself and the cross trainer can accommodate a wide range of users, no matter what their size by adjusting the stride.