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Oil Painting Reproductions Way to Create Tasteful Home

People still look to the masters when it comes to artwork. It's quite often that someone wants one of their favorite pieces to hang in their home but can't afford the expense of the original. So it is that they turn to oil painting reproductions as a way of bringing tastefulness into the home. There are things to consider however when it comes to choosing a piece of art.

Oil painting itself is an ancient art, practiced as early as the fifth and ninth centuries. A paper written in 1125 actually gives details on how to make and use oil based paints, pointing to the natural pigments people of the times used. In the fifteenth century, original artists Van Gogh and da Vinci practiced their craft the hard way, without being able to use water soluble paints. Oils took up to three weeks to dry.

Oil reproduction companies respect what the original masters had to go through and thus try to imitate that process themselves in some ways. Rarely do they keep stock on hand to sell immediately. Instead, once a customer makes a request and a choice on which original they want reproduced, a whole team will begin the process of making the picture.

Oils that are actually reproductions of the original can often be difficult to discern from the art they are mimicking. A team of reproduction artists will often work on a picture together. They are usually well versed in the same style as the master they are copying, and will have personal experience viewing the original so that they can imitate the finer details perfectly.

People of modern times like the idea of having a piece of history in their homes. Before purchasing a hand painted picture, a home owner needs to think about where it will be hung. It is ideal to have more than one location chosen, to allow for future room decor changes and to keep the artwork from ending up in the attic.

Another important consideration is how the art piece looks. It needs to match the home owner's tastes, especially if it's going to be framed. Not all reproductions are framed because many of the master painters such as Monet painted their pieces with the intention of never having them framed. A reproduction should be chosen because the piece speaks to the owner, and not just because they would like to own something expensive.

Paintings require care and thought, even the oil reproduction ones. Many people aren't aware that the Mona Lisa originally had eyebrows and eyelashes that were eventually worn off by over cleaning over the centuries. An expensive reproduction is no different and should be treated with gentleness and care.

Adding oil painting reproductions to one's collection of artwork is an important decision. Properly reproduced paintings will mimic the original in almost every way, and thus should be treated as well as the real thing. Choose a painting only when it is meant to last through several generations, just like the historic originals do.