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Gucci Hysteria Medium Top Handle Bag With Double Handles

Gucci Hysteria, a touch of odd name, definitely is not odd for so many Gucci aficionados. This time, Gucci does not fail us. For paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock, Gucci launched an appealing bag- Gucci Hysteria Medium Bag. Frida Giannini hopes handbag addicts would scream excitedly at their first glance of this bag just as beautiful women screaming in Hitchcock's movies.

Frida Giannini did this. Breaking through the tradition and creating a series of bright and stylish Gucci Bags, Frida Giannini released this perfect complement with new accessories scutellate metal, which inspirited from traditional emblem of Gucci family. In the early 1950s, Guccio Gucci firstly issued a shield- emblem presenting homage to Gucci's legend in Renaissance. In that emblem, a knight carries on a luggage and wears armor, and roses and steering wheel symbolize the sophistication craftsmanship and authority of family business.

It was Gucci's logo in early times inside its handbags or on the surface of package. Till now, Giannini reuses them in Hysteria Medium Bag injected with metallic modern design. The emblem does not only evoke our strong memory of its splendor, but also rest our strong wish on its bright future.

Giannini hopes this series is illustrated a cooling sensation to fit the style of clothes of every season. This is obvious that Guccu Hysteria Medium Bag is not just mysterious, but modern and charismatic. Different color with different accessories, massive dimension with soft leather make every Hysteria Medium Bag is unique and fashionable. No matter the glossy patent leather, sumptuous python or colorful alligator, every material is quality and processed meticulously. It really makes you cry hysterically at your first sight. It is particularly exemplary and it is a challenge to look away from the gorgeous options.