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Fashion At The Awards Shows

If you ever saw any sort of Awards show on the television, like the Emmy's or Grammy's, for example, you would notice how all of the celebrities are wearing the newest, most fashionable outfits. They are dressed from head to toe in either a glittery gown or a stylish tuxedo. Some dresses and suits stand out more than others. Some celebrities will wear a bright red gown or electric blue tube top dress. They will always wear a name brand outfit, and usually it is custom made to fit their body shape. We almost never hear of the perfume they are wearing, since it is on television and we can not smell the celebrity through the screen. I am sure many celebrities are wearing perfume to awards shows, if not all. They may even be wearing Calvin Klein perfume or Ralph Lauren perfume, perfumes you and I wear on a daily basis. Calvin Klein perfume is so common and yet even the celebrities are going after it.

Awards shows are always fun to watch with a friend of family member. The best part is the fashion critique at the beginning of the awards show. This is when all of the celebrities go down the red carpet and celebrities like Joan Rivers and her daughter, or MTV interview the celebrities and critique their outfits. It is interesting and fun to watch. Some celebrities look so horrible and the critics do a great job at bashing those who look unfashionable. The celebrities walk out of their limousines and show off their outfits. Sometimes they will be asked to turn around, a full three hundred and sixty degrees, to see the entire shape, color, and length of their dress or suit. Usually they are very friendly and will go on and on about their dress or suit and who the maker was.

It is pretty easy to spot a well dressed celebrity, and it is equally as easy to spot one who just decided to wear the wrong thing at the wrong time. I remember there was once a woman at an awards show who wore a dress with which seemed to be a tu tu like skirt and a swan popping out from the side. This was just a little bit strange and I think she was given a lot of criticism for this choice of attire. Actresses like Penelope Cruise and Julia Roberts almost always wear gorgeous gowns. There are actors and actresses who have a distinct and unique sense of fashion and this is shown clearly on the red carpet.

The criticisms the critics give to the celebrities are equally as interesting as what the celebrities are wearing themselves, maybe even more interesting. They will say comments about their choice of fashion and dress and how it is either out of season or out of fashion or even just plain ugly. They are not shy at saying basically whatever they think is right in the fashion industry. These shows tend to be quite amusing so you may want to see the next one coming up!